Cat Grooming Service in Orrell

Cat Grooming Service in OrrellA cat grooming service in Orrell offers the best that you can give your feline friend. While every cat needs love and attention, your cat certainly deserves the best, and that means grooming included. Many pet owners tend to overlook or underestimate the importance of grooming their feline companions, but there are plenty of reasons they should consider getting a professional to do the job. Regularly grooming your cat will ensure that they have a healthy coat. If they have matted fur or fleas, it will cause them to be restless. While you may carry out certain grooming tasks at home, it is important that your pet is eased into it gradually.

Some cats will absolutely hate being touched, making it a lot more difficult to wash them and groom them. For cat owners based in Orrell, cat grooming service is available at Talbot House. We offer quick and thorough cat grooming sessions. We have specialists with the expertise to groom your cat and make sure that they are properly washed, dried and brushed. A cat’s skin is quite thin and sensitive; therefore, it will require a professional’s knowledge and skill to handle them with care. Not grooming your cat may not lead to any problems right away, but in the long-term, you might notice them having health issues. A trip to the groomer can also help identify problems in their infancy stage, when they have not fully blown into a huge issue yet. At Talbot House, our specialists will absolutely love looking after your pets; we have all the right tools and equipment to make it easy on your pet and be done with it as quickly as possible. In addition to this, we also host cats, dogs and other small animals whose owners have to go on a trip in our lovely kennels and cattery.

Whether you want to hire only our cat grooming service in Orrell or want us to board and groom your pets, do contact Talbot House. Please note that our prices will differ on the breed of your pet as some may require more detailed attention and care than others.

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