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    We welcome dog & cat owners to our kennels and cattery in the beautiful, countryside setting of Worthington, Standish, Nr Wigan WN1 2XQ.
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    Kennels in Wigan

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    Looking for Kennels in Wigan ? At Talbot House offer comfortable accommodation for your dog in one of our secure kennels. Our boarding kennels in Wigan have individually heated sleeping areas, clean, vet bedding with a connecting weatherproofed and covered run set in 100 acres of private land. A dedicated doggy play area ensures your dog has the room to expend energy. We also offer a comprehensive grooming service on-site to ensure your pet is well looked after.


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    Talbot House cattery provides cat care in quiet, safe surroundings in Worthington. Set apart from the boarding kennels, our catteries have been designed by a specialist cattery company with double sized chalets to accommodate pairs of cats or even whole families. We’re a family of animal enthusiasts who ensure your cat feels loved, offering plenty of cuddles for your pet; while offering a full grooming service on-site, that gives you peace of mind your cat is well looked after.


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    Talbot House Boarding Kennels & Cattery also provides some pet care for your dogs and cats with our professional grooming service. Our grooming service is available for both dogs and cats. Whether it’s a simple bath and shampoo to get rid of that wet doggy smell or some specialist attention to knotted or matted cat hair, as well as grooming to reflect the time of year and temperature, our dog and cat groomers will guarantee your pets are well taken care of.

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    At Talbot House Boarding Kennels & Cattery we offer comfortable accommodation for your dog in one of our secure kennels.
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  • Cattery


    Talbot House Boarding Kennels & Cattery provide comfortable cattery care in quiet, safe surroundings.
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  • Grooming


    Give your favourite pet some much needed pampering from our professional dog and cat groomers.
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  • Your pets are members of the family and close friends and we offer comfortable accommodation, cuddles and regular feeding so your dogs and cats return to you in the same good health as when they arrived

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