Boarding for Cats in Shevington

Boarding for Cats in ShevingtonBoarding for cats in Shevington can be a holiday for your pet. Our double chalets can accommodate two or more cats and allow friends to stay together. Each chalet is individually heated and has vet bedding which is clean and hygienic. This lets the cats do what they love best, sleeping. The sleeping area has a covered run area which allows space for the cats to play or exercise. The cats are fed regular meals of both dry and tinned food of the highest quality. They are given fresh water daily and our staff spend a lot of time playing with the cats. We also make sure that all the cats are given regular cuddles and loves.

When you need to take a holiday in Shevington, boarding for cats is one of the most important concerns. If your cat is on chronic medication we have the experience to administer all types of medication including diabetic treatment. We have an onsite grooming service that can ensure your cat gets all the pampering it needs as well as having its nails clipped. We do require all cats that stay at our cattery to have up to date vaccinations to ensure the health and wellbeing of all the pets in our care. We also ask that the cats have had treatment for fleas and worms as these can quickly spread in a cattery. We want to return your cat to you in a healthy and happy condition.

Boarding for cats in Shevington is affordable. Contact Talbot House Kennels today and book you pet in for your next holiday. We have had special enclosures built for cats by a specialist cattery company. They have sneeze proof barriers and are situated away from the kennels as some cats are nervous of dogs. Our kennel and cattery are set on 100 acres of stunning countryside with healthy fresh air and farm surrounds. The cattery is quiet and secure which allows your pet to settle down quickly.

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