Kennel Costs in Crank

Kennel Costs in CrankAre you concerned about kennel costs in Crank? Have you been looking everywhere for a dog boarding company that offers quality services at comprehensive rates? Well, your search is now over. Talbot House Kennels is a well-known dog boarding company that offers top quality kennels and an excellent cattery to any pet who needs an affordable temporary home. Whether you need to leave your furry friend for one day or for two weeks, we look forward to caring for your pet and putting your mind at ease about the costs.

Owning a pet is high maintenance, especially if your pet is a fussy eater or has some sort of medical condition. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t love your pet. You will want the best care available for your companion. When you need to leave your dog at kennels in Crank, kennel costs need not be something to stress about. We offer a flexible service at good prices. Our services include secure kennels to ensure safety and individual sleeping areas that are heated to provide warmth and comfort. Our kennels are fitted with vet beds for when your pup needs extra care. We understand that plenty of exercise and play are essential to keep your four-legged friend healthy and happy. Our facilities sport 100 acres of private land, including a covered and weatherproofed run for your dog to enjoy no matter the weather. We walk our doggy boarders daily to ensure they get enough exercise. We provide quality pet food to keep your dog well-fed. Medication can be administered for those who need it and our local veterinary surgeon is just a call away.

Our kennel costs in Crank cater to any budget. We understand how important your dog is to you and we wouldn’t want to deprive you of a quality kennels service by putting our prices too high. Contact Talbot House Kennels for a loving team of dog-carers. We want each dog to feel comfortable here, so we ensure that your dog will receive the same amount of love and attention as you give him/her at home.

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