Boarding for Dogs near Parbold, Perfect for When you Need to Leave Town

Boarding for Dogs near ParboldFind a facility that provides excellent boarding for dogs near Parbold if you have to attend a work meeting away from home. It can be challenging to find the right care for your furry friend when you are away from home. Choosing a facility that you are confident in takes time and careful thought. You could rely on the neighbour to feed your dog while you are away. You could also rely on friends or family to care for him. The only problem is that they might not be available. They also may accidently leave the gate unlatched or lock him inside the house. In order to avoid any potential problems, it is a good idea to find a boarding kennel instead.

Find a boarding kennel that will care for your dog as you would. Near Parbold, boarding for dogs at our kennels is an excellent idea. As a professional boarding kennel, we have the experience and the knowledge on how to expertly care for your dog. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that he is safe and content. Our kennels are designed with dogs in mind. They are warm, waterproof and comfortable..  We also only offer excellent quality dog food from top name brands, so you can rest assured that your fur baby will eat well. Additionally, we have access to our local vet. If your pet requires daily medication, our expert team will ensure he gets his daily dose as required.

Boarding for dogs near Parbold will bring you – and your dog – peace of mind. We understand how difficult it can be to leave your pet behind, even if it is but for a few days. Our experienced team will ensure he receives the attention and affection he needs. To find out more about our boarding for dogs, contact Talbot House Kennels today. Our fees are competitive and you are guaranteed of an excellent service. Your dog will also receive a daily walk – something that is highly important for all our furry visitors. On top of that, your dog will have the opportunity to enjoy our dedicated doggy play area. You will be able to attend your work meeting with confidence, knowing that your best friend is in safe hands.

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