Keep Your Fur Baby Looking Her Regal Best with Cat Grooming near Hindley

Cat Grooming near HindleyOur expert cat grooming near Hindley will keep your kitty looking fresh, healthy and cute. At Talbot House Kennels, we know how important it is that your precious furry felines remain in the best of health and appearance. No matter how old or young they are, keeping them in the best condition is crucial. We are a family of devoted animal lovers, and welcome your pets to our premises, located in the sylvan surroundings of the North Wigan countryside. We offer the ideal setting to care for cats – it is quiet, safe and comfortable here. The double-size chalet housing has been designed by a specialist feline-expert company keeping kitty preferences in mind. We also provide on-site, full service grooming.

Along with cat boarding near Hindley, cat grooming is an important part of our services. Cats’ bodies are flexible and supple and they can reach every part of their coat quite easily. Their tongues have tiny spikes on them that act like mini combs. Grooming helps them to regulate their body temperature, spread the skin’s natural oils to keep the fur waterproof and rid themselves of parasites. It also helps them to distribute their own pheromones evenly across their bodies. Removing loose hair and keeping the fur smooth is also a function of grooming. While it is true that cats do spend a big chunk of their day in grooming and cleaning themselves, they do need some expert help too. As your kitty gets older, she/he may suffer from arthritic pains or other illnesses just like humans. This means they are less able to groom themselves.

Here’s where our tender, loving care comes in: our highly-trained, experienced and caring team can provide full services of cat grooming near Hindley. This includes bathing, brushing, cleaning ears and eyes, trimming nails and checking teeth and tongue. Based on fur thickness, age of the cat and general health status, you can schedule regular grooming sessions with us. Contact Talbot House Kennels today and learn more about our cat grooming services. We are happy to provide top-quality grooming services according to your pet’s unique requirements. In keeping with pandemic regulations, we are managing visits on an appointment-only basis.

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