Kennel Costs near Chorley, Affordable and Excellent Value for Money

Kennel Costs near ChorleyIf you are interested in dog boarding kennel costs near Chorley, come to us. Dog boarding kennels are ideal when you need a caretaker for your pets. Kennels vary in shape, size and functionality. Each dog has unique needs. As such, dog boarding facilities need to be flexible. Your choice of a boarding facility for your dog should satisfy your preferences. Before committing your pet to a boarding facility, you should ascertain various factors. You should check if their food, activity program and kennels are suitable for your dog. You should also assess the general hygiene of the facility. Cleaning the kennels regularly prevents infections and infestations.

If you need help taking care of your dog while you are away, we are here for you. Near Chorley, our kennel costs are very economical. We provide value for money for all our customers. Our facility is situated on 100 acres of private land. As such, we have more than enough space for your pets to play and exercise. Your dog will have daily walks and access to our dedicated doggy play area. Our property is safe, tranquil, spacious and far away from the noise and hustle of the city. We designed our kennels for comfort. Our kennels have individually heated sleeping areas with vet bedding and a weatherproof covered run.

Apart from our kennel costs near Chorley, you can sign up for our dog grooming services. We provide baths, hair and nail clipping, trimming, shampooing, eye cleaning and ear plucking for all types of dogs. When you collect your pet from us, we can have him looking and smelling fresher than ever. We take time to understand and implement all your preferences when grooming your pet. If you would like more information about our state of the art boarding kennels, call Talbot House Kennels now. As the vacation season comes up, it pays to secure an early booking. Our able staff will guide you through our various packages and services when you contact us.

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