Boarding for Cats near Eccleston – a Holiday for Your Fur Baby

Boarding for Cats in Eccleston Boarding for cats near Eccleston can be regarded as a holiday for your pet. If you are going away on a holiday, it is a good idea to find a boarding facility for your fur babies. We offer safe and comfortable boarding for cats at our facility. Our cattery has been specially designed with cats in mind. Each chalet is individually heated and has vet bedding which is clean and hygienic.  Our cat visitors can enjoy their nap time. The chalet has a covered run area and this provides space for the cats to roam and explore. We feed our kitty visitors regular meals of both dry and tinned food of the highest quality. Fresh water is provided and our dedicated staff spend a lot of time playing with the cats. We also make sure that all the cats are given regular cuddles and loves.

When you need to leave home for a few days, you can rely on our facility. Near Eccleston, boarding for cats is a service we are happy to provide.  If your cat is on chronic medication we have the experience to administer all types of medication including diabetic treatment. Should you feel it is necessary, we have an onsite grooming service that will provide your cat with all the pampering it needs. We can also clip his nails as part of this service. All our cat guests do need to have up to date vaccinations to ensure the health and well-being of all the pets in our care. We also ask that the cats have had treatment for fleas and worms as these can quickly spread in a cattery.

Boarding for cats near Eccleston is affordable and convenient.  Contact Talbot House Kennels today and book your pet in for your next holiday. Our cattery is safe, secure and comfortable, ensuring your cat is content and well cared for. When you use our cat boarding facility when you need to leave town for a few days, you can have the peace of mind that your precious fur baby is safe. We also welcome visitors, so pay us a visit and have a look at our cattery.

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