Luxury Cat Boarding near Atherton for Your Peace of Mind

Cat Boarding in Atherton Welcome to Talbot House Cattery where luxury cat boarding near Atherton is available for as little as £10 per night for one cat or £17 a night for two in shared accommodations. We also offer cat family suites. While your cat is with us he or she will enjoy purpose built comfortable chalet accommodations with a window to their local world. Situated far from the nerve jarring kennels, your cat will enjoy quiet and calm in complete safety. We cater to your cat’s love of naps in warm soft bacteria resistant vet bedding fitted out in the heated chalets. Gourmet dining at it’s finest is provided by Iams, Felix, Go-Cat and Whiskas accompanied by the freshest water. Guests may choose wet or dry meals. Our staff is fully trained to administer any maintenance medications.

Between the naps, romp and stalk sessions are conducted near the sleep area in the covered recreation area. During this time near Atherton, cat boarding guests will be indulged with cuddles and stroking along with silly but soothing talk. For a small extra fee, hair-brushing sessions are available. If a spa day is requested our on-site groomer will be happy to fit your feline in. Our boarding facilities were designed and built with only cats in mind by people who know what cats need; safety, warmth, comfort, good food and lots of attention. If you need to be away from home for a few days or a month, your cat will be in the best possible hands here with us.

Cat boarding near Atherton is a safe option when you need to be away from home. We are a family of animal lovers and that combined with our knowledge and familiarity with their ways, equips us to keep your precious pets safe, happy and healthy. Whatever you need to do, business, holiday or whatever, you can do it without worrying if the cat is okay. We know some people leave their cats alone or ask a neighbour to drop by and put out food. You have probably heard the same horror stories we have. Don’t leave your cat’s safety and well-being to chance. Contact us when you need cat boarding and let us provide the care your cat needs.  You will both sleep better at night.

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