Luxury Kennels near Appley Bridge, Ideal Boarding Facility for Your Best Friend

Luxury Kennels near Appley BridgeChoose luxury kennels near Appley Bridge for your best friend. If you are planning on going away for a short break, you will need someone to care for your dog in your absence. While relying on your friendly neighbour, it is a better option to choose a well-established and professional kennel. Your neighbour may be well-meaning and kind, but for your peace of mind, choose luxury kennels. We offer top-quality boarding facilities for both dogs and cats. Our professionalism and care will provide you with the reassurance that your dog is safe and content while you are away.

It would be a disaster if your neighbour left the door unlatched and your dog grabbed the opportunity to go roaming the streets. Near Appley Bridge, luxury kennels ensure that your dog is safe at all times. Our kennels are secure and constantly supervised. Your dog will have his own luxury, heated kennel, complete with warm and soft vet bedding. His kennel also has a connecting weatherproofed and covered run. On top of that, he will receive his daily walk, as well as access to a dedicated doggy play area.  Our doggy guests eat well. Your dog will receive his meals of tinned and dry dog food. These include recognised dog food brands such as Pedigree Chum, Butchers, Winalot, Eukanuba, Bakers and Pedigree Complete.

Luxury kennels near Appley Bridge ensure the safety and care of your dog. We have access to our local veterinary surgeon. If it is necessary, we can administer medications or dog treatments as part of our service. When you are planning on going away for a short break, remember luxury kennels for your dog. Contact Talbot House Kennels for more details or to book your dog’s place. We do ask that each dog is up to date with all his vaccinations, including kennel cough. He also needs to be dewormed and deflead. On top of our professional boarding kennels for dogs, we also offer an on-site grooming service. If you’d like your dog to be thoroughly and professionally groomed while you are away, let us know. Our prices are competitive, and our services are excellent.

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