Quality Dog Grooming near Eccleston to Keep Your Furry Friend Looking His Best

Dog Grooming near Eccleston With our top quality dog grooming near Eccleston you can keep your furry friend in good health and cheer. When you bring her or him to Talbot House Kennels, you can be sure that they’re safe, happy and well-cared for. Ours is a family run business and all of us are committed animal enthusiasts. Animal lovers in the UK are fortunate that the government has declared dog grooming as an essential business. This service is restricted to emergency services and not for aesthetic reasons and we remain open but by appointment only. Our boarding and grooming services remain open with certain restrictions, so do call us before you come. Our lovely countryside property in Worthington, North Wigan offers a delightful, safe and comfortable place for your cherished pet.

For pet owners near Eccleston, dog grooming is essential because it keeps them disease and infection free. It is important to introduce your dog to grooming while they’re still puppies so that they don’t feel anxious or frightened. We offer a comprehensive range of services that includes bath, shampoo, drying, nail and hair trim, ear and eye cleaning. Longhaired species are especially vulnerable to developing knots and matted coats unless they’re regularly brushed and groomed. It also removes parasites, dandruff and dirt. It keeps the coat clean, healthy and shining. All dog breeds are different and our experienced team provides different options for those with longer or shorter coats, wavy, curly or dense coats. The frequency of grooming is also different for these types.

The earlier you start with dog grooming near Eccleston, the more comfortable and confident your dog feels. The other advantage is that they also become less anxious about vet visits. They become less tense and aggressive when they get used to being handled by professionals. We use environmentally friendly, animal-safe products that are non-allergenic and well reputed. Along with grooming, our specialists offer tips on a regular care routine at home. This helps you to identify skin problems or infections immediately. Contact Talbot House Kennels today for more details about dog grooming services. Our team would be delighted to meet your canine companion and ensure that she or he comes back looking and feeling on top of the world.

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