Professional Boarding for Cats near Orrell Keep Your Cats Safe and Happy

Boarding for Cats near OrrellIt still surprises us that some people find boarding for cats near Orrell a surprise. We’ve been operating our cattery as well as boarding dogs for a very long time. The myth persists that cats can be left alone for days at a time and are perfectly capable of caring for themselves. In fact, some believe, the cats are probably glad to have the house to themselves. That might be true of your teenage kids but definitely not true of your cat. Cats can become stressed when left alone for longer periods of time. It’s also true that stress causes illness in cats. The list of things that can go wrong while a cat is left alone in the house is long.

We offer, at very reasonable rates, safety, attention and comfort in every way. For our guests near Orrell, boarding for cats means a calm and quiet atmosphere away from the dog kennels. We’re situated on over 100 acres so we’ve plenty of space for everyone. We had our cattery built especially with the needs of cats as a priority. It was designed by a cattery specialist. Your cat will enjoy his or her own private chalet with a window on the world. Do you have a family of cats? Bring them all because the chalets are large enough to accommodate all of them together, just like they’re used to living.

Boarding for cats near Orrell is a luxurious experience without the high price. Our chalets are heated and fitted with vet bedding which is comfortable but also antibacterial. Your cat’s health and safety is our priority so we do require that your cat be up to date on immunisations. For stretching and playtime, your cat’s chalet has an attached and covered run. Our staff provides healthy food, plenty of fresh water and medications if needed. They also supply lots of attention and at the same time provide the oversight needed to keep your cat happy, healthy and secure. Contact us when you need to be away for a few days or a few weeks. You’ll like having the peace of mind that comes with knowing your cats are well cared for.

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