Professional and Gentle Dog Grooming near Hindley

Dog Grooming near HindleyIf you are looking for professional dog grooming near Hindley with a gentle and kind groomer, consider our grooming salon. Our canine guests who board with us come in all shapes, sizes, breeds and temperaments. Our dog groomer has taken on all of them with the kindness of a true dog lover. She absolutely has the magic touch to get them to trust her. Many of our clients request grooming for their dog at the end of their stay with us. It’s nice to come home to a clean, well-groomed dog after being away for a time. It’s one thing you don’t have to add to your return home to-do list. However, you don’t have to be a guest with us to schedule an appointment with our dog groomer.

Even if your dog has never boarded with us, we welcome you to schedule an appointment with our groomer. For some dogs near Hindley, dog grooming is an opportunity for lots of attention and they love it. Others, not so much. Our groomer has a way of making all of them reasonably comfortable during the process. Besides, dogs are more comfortable after grooming. The hair is out of their eyes, their ears and from between their toes. Their nails are comfortably short. They’ve had a good brush out so they are not itchy from all the dead hair. The clean scent may not be what the dog would choose but their owners seem to appreciate it. During the process, our groomer can spot any hot spots, abrasions, rashes or unusual lumps that may need vet attention.

Many of our clients for dog grooming near Hindley first discovered our grooming service when they boarded their dog with us. They continue to bring their dog to us between kennel visits because they appreciate the excellent service and reasonable rates. This arrangement makes for an easy transition when they need to board their dog with us again. Our facility and many of the staff are familiar to the dog. We may get to skip that bit of initial anxiety when you leave for your holiday or business trip. Contact Talbot House Kennels and meet our groomer. We think you and your dog will enjoy our services.

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