Competitively Priced Kennel Costs near Eccleston for Your Peace of Mind

Kennel Costs near Eccleston When it comes to kennel costs near Eccleston, you can rest assured that our prices are competitive. We offer an excellent balance of value and care at our kennels. Your dog will enjoy individual sleeping areas that are heated and equipped with clean vet bedding. The area is connected to a covered run so your dog can securely go in and out, regardless of the weather. Our kennels are located on 100 beautiful acres which, in itself, provides a barrier of safety. There’s plenty of room for long daily walks and a dedicated play area where the dogs can safely play with our staff and each other according to their energy level.  

We serve high quality food to our dogs, both tinned and dry, and fresh water is always plentiful. Near Eccleston, kennel costs include attentive staff who always has time for a friendly ear scratch or tummy rub. We can administer most medications and in the event of an emergency, we do have a vet on call. It is required that your dog is up to date on vaccinations including a protective vaccination against kennel cough. By ensuring that all our dogs comply with these standards, we ensure that your dog is protected from common contagions and goes home healthy. Nobody knows your dog like you do, so share any concerns you have with us. Dogs react differently to separation, but we make every effort to comfort dogs until they feel safe and happy.  We give them plenty to focus on but feel free to bring a favourite blanket or toy. 

Your pets are part of your family but don’t let kennel costs near Eccleston prevent you from taking a holiday or business trip. Our fees are £12 nightly for one dog but if you have two and they want to share, then we discount the price to £22. Your dog will be safe in our care. The price includes complete attentive care and nutrition. For more details, contact us today. The only extra option is a going home grooming session. A nice sweet smelling tubby is £10. Don’t let the fear of high prices prevent you from providing safe and professional kennel care for your best friend. He or she will be in good hands with our family. We live here so they’ll never be unattended.

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