Choose Luxury Kennels near Chorley for Your Dog While You’re Away

Luxury Kennels in Chorley Talbot House offers the luxury kennels near Chorley your dog dreams about. You have your idea of what a luxury hotel is. We know your dog’s idea of luxury. Dogs like their comfort, food, fun and attention. We’ve got all that covered. Our facility is situated on 100 lovely scenic acres. That will probably appeal to you more than your dog. What your dog will love is all the many new smells that come from that 100 acres. They like the fresh open air too. They find it all very stimulating especially during their walks or when they spend time in the secure play area. Our staff of animal lovers are always a big hit with the guests because they have time for ear scratching, belly rubs, and positive feedback. After all, it is their job to keep the guests entertained and comfortable.

The accommodations are all any dog could ask for. Near Chorley, luxury kennels for our dogs have soft clean bedding and the kennels are warm. Their easily accessible dog run is covered to protect against rain and the hot sun. Meals are high quality food and plenty of fresh water. When you have to be away from home and need a dependable caregiver for your dogs, we will meet your high standards. Your dog will be happy and safe with us. If your dog needs medications, we can administer them. We also have a vet on call in the unlikely event of an emergency. As with all luxury accommodations, we also have an on-site groomer. If you choose, we can have your dog freshened up and smelling good when you pick him up.

Unlike most luxury accommodations, luxury kennels near Chorley are quite reasonably priced. We offer a discount for a second dog in the family. Your dogs are well cared for and you can relax knowing they’re safe and healthy. For some, the guilt of leaving their dog behind fills them with guilt. We want to alleviate those uncomfortable feelings as much as possible so you can enjoy your holiday. We invite you to contact us for more information. All our doggy guests need a current vaccination certificate, be vaccinated against kennel cough and be deflead and wormed. These health guidelines protect all of our dogs, including yours, from illness.

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