Keep Your Furry Friend Looking His Best with a Cat Grooming Service near Eccleston

 Cat Grooming Service near EcclestonConsider using a cat grooming service near Eccleston to keep your cat clean and healthy. Cats that have long fur need regular grooming and one does not always have the time to groom them properly. If you don’t groom your long haired cat for a while means that his fur becomes riddled with knots that are very difficult to get out. It may even mean having the cat shaved in patches. This can lead to the cat getting hairballs from swallowing its fur. In the summer the cat will shed more hair and will need frequent grooming to prevent hair being shed or eaten. Cats with short hair will also benefit from a grooming service. Grooming the cat stimulates circulation and removes dirt and dust.

If your cat’s fur needs to be cleaned near Eccleston, a cat grooming service will ensure the animal is bathed and brushed properly. Cats will sometimes get themselves very dirty when investigating things.  It may then be necessary to use a cat grooming service if the cat is covered in oil or some other distasteful mess. It is very difficult to bath a cat on your own or even with help.  You can end up being scratched and bitten. At our kennels, we have both the knowledge and experience to bath a cat properly and cause the least amount of stress to the animal. After the grooming session, the cat will feel great.

We are pleased to offer a cat grooming service near Eccleston. If you are interested and would like more information about our grooming services, contact Talbot House Kennels today. You are welcome to book your pet in for a professional grooming session. We offer grooming along with our cattery service. Many cats can take care of their daily grooming but when they become older it can be difficult to reach some parts of the body. A good groom once in a while will keep it clean and make it feel better as cats hate to be dirty. Our professional grooming team take care to make the animal feel safe and comfortable. We try to make the experience as pleasant as possible for your beloved pet.

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