Luxury Kennels near Parbold, Safe and Comfortable Boarding for Your Dog

Luxury Kennels near ParboldFor luxury kennels near Parbold, remember Talbot House Kennels. As a family of animal lovers, we offer our guests nothing less than we would provide for our pets. For most pet owners, safety and security tops the list of musts. Our facility is situated on 100 private and secure acres which makes a nice buffer for our animals against city dangers. We don’t believe in keeping the dogs confined to protect their safety; that’s not healthy. So our staff makes sure they get plenty of walks to satisfy their restless energy and curiosity. In addition, we have a huge secure doggie play area. When your dog has had enough socialising he or she can retire to their own private, heated sleeping area. Clean comfortable bedding awaits.

When your dog feels the need to stretch his legs after napping, there is a covered weatherproof run attached to his kennel. As you would expect, near Parbold,  luxury kennels serve top quality food and plenty of fresh water. We can administer any medications your dog may need during his stay. Should there be a need, our local vet is available for our guests. Also on sight is a grooming facility. If you want to return home to a freshly shampooed and trimmed pup, our groomers will accommodate your preferences. They have a nice touch with dogs; calming even the most reluctant. Of course, you don’t have to be a guest to take advantage of our grooming services. If you want to schedule an appointment at a later date, that’s fine.

At our luxury kennels near Parbold, we feel confident we can provide all your dog’s needs as well as his comforts. This is a friendly place and the dogs get a lot of attention throughout the day as our staff goes about their work. Contact Talbot House to schedule a stay for your dog or to tour our facility. We want you to feel confident that while you’re away, regardless if it’s for a weekend or a month, your dog will receive the finest care. Our low prices are all inclusive with the exception of grooming. Otherwise, everything is included in the daily rate. Our only requirement is that your dog be up to date on all his vaccinations, including kennel cough.

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