Professional Dog Grooming near Atherton for a Smart and Clean Pet

dog grooming near AthertonYou will find the best facilities for dog grooming near Atherton only at Talbot House Kennels. Our facility is set in the vast acres of lush, pristine countryside, and we are confident that you will be more than happy to leave your precious pet with us. Our bespoke boarding amenities for pet dogs are one of a kind. Each individual housing unit is a comfortable, safe, well-maintained space, heated and provided with suitable vet bedding for each animal. We have specially dedicated spaces for play areas, plus suitable provision for dogs to be walked or allowed to run, ensuring that they are exercised and in the pink of health. We provide exemplary grooming services too.

Started by a family of animal lovers, near Atherton, dog grooming and other services at Talbot House Kennels are more than a business opportunity for us. We consider your pets ours too. We offer all facilities to guarantee that your pets miss almost nothing while you are away. We provide safe, hygienic accommodation, regular feeding schedules as per specific, individual routines and most importantly, the loving care and emotional support so needed in your absence. It is mandatory that all pets boarding with us have their vaccinations up to date and they are de-wormed before admission. We have access to veterinary doctors and surgeons in case of emergencies. We know that while we can never quite replace you, we definitely can fill the void till you return.

Professional dog grooming near Atherton, among other services that we are renowned for, is considered to be one of the best. We extend this special service to pets boarding with us as well as for pets who are brought in for the service. From simple baths to attending to specific grooming services like getting rid of matted hair, trimming nails or regular health checks, our friendly groomers handle these tasks skilfully and your pets will love all the pampering. If you are looking for a professional dog grooming service, contact us today. Additionally, we take care of delicate chores like eye cleaning, ear plucking and hair trimming to give your pet the well-groomed look.

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