Luxury Kennels near Hindley Ensure that Your Pooch is Safe and Happy While You are Away

Luxury Kennels near Hindley Luxury kennels near Hindley are the perfect go-to for those who need a safe and secure boarding kennel for their pet while they are away from town. Just like humans, shelters are a basic need of all animals. As you decide on the kind of boarding kennels you want for your pet, be sure to consider all options. Take into account any extras that make the boarding kennel more animal friendly. Boarding kennels also ensure your animals are given the necessary care and are returned to the owners in as good condition as they were when brought to the kennels. You are most welcome to visit us at our kennels in the beautiful, countryside setting of Worthington.

For pooch owners near Hindley, luxury kennels are here for your use. We understand that you may be concerned about your dog’s welfare while you are away on business. We offer top quality care at our kennels. Our luxury kennels are available with individually heated sleeping areas, clean, vet bedding. They also have a connecting weatherproofed and covered run set in 100 acres of private land. When you bring your dog to stay at our kennels, he will get his daily walk, as well as the opportunity to use our dedicated doggy play area. Our expert team ensures that dogs with lots of energy are well looked after. If you are interested, we also offer a full grooming service on-site. Our doggy guests are also well fed. We offer recognised name brands so you can rest assured that your dog will receive the most nutritious and delicious dog food during his stay. If your dog needs a daily dose of his medication, our  local veterinary surgeon is on hand to administer medications or any required dog treatments.

Your dog will enjoy his stay at our luxury kennels near Hindley. If you would like more information on our rates and services, contact Talbot House Kennels. We pride ourselves as animal enthusiasts, providing boarding kennels to cats and dogs in beautiful and cosy spaces. You are also welcome for a site inspection and we believe you’ll find our luxury kennels to be the perfect place for your dog.

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