Dog Groomers near Atherton

Dog Groomers near AthertonWe offer the services of our dog groomers near Atherton for pets in the area and for dogs that are staying with us. We offer a range of services for dogs including a standard bath and shampoo. We will also spend time undoing knots in the hair to give your friend its silky coat back or removing matted hair. The type of grooming and clipping is dependent on the time of year as you do not want your dog to freeze with short hair in winter. The dog definitely needs to be kept well groomed but perhaps with a less harsh haircut. Once they have had a bath they can be blow dried to stop them getting cold. Many dogs enjoy this pampering and look forward to their day at the beauty parlour.

Some breeds of dogs need more care than others. Near Atherton, dog groomers take care to make your pet presentable by bathing the animal as well as clipping and trimming the dog to either the breed specifications or your own preference. Some dogs, mostly terriers, need to be plucked and not clipped. Our groomers are expert at knowing what type of treatment each breed needs. There are other things that all dogs need such as having their nails clipped and their eyes cleaned. Once again there are breeds where this has to be done regularly.

Our dog groomers near Atherton are very experienced and love their clients. Contact Talbot House Kennels today to book your dog or cat in for a bit of pampering. We have extremely comfortable accommodation for both cats and dogs with individually heated sleeping areas which are fitted with comfortable and clean vet bedding. There are weather proof runs for the dogs so that they can exercise no matter the weather and dedicated doggy play areas where they can run around with others and burn off excess energy as well as have fun.  The cattery is in a quiet area away from noise so that the cats can feel safe. They have double size chalets especially designed for cats which can take both your cats in one area. All pets have the best food available and fresh, clean water at all times.

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