Kennel Costs near Newton le Willows

Kennel Costs near Newton le WillowsIf you’re worried about kennel costs near Newton le Willows then Talbot House Kennels is the right choice for your precious pup. For about the same cost per night as a couple of pints or a pack of smokes your dog will reside in a luxurious heated kennel snuggled in with vet approved bedding. Situated in the country, our kennels have lots of fresh air, space for long walks and safe play areas. We are a family of animal lovers and we’re committed to the safety and care of your dog while you are away on business or holiday. If you have more than one dog, we offer a discount after the first one. Each of our kennels has its own sheltered dog run so even in rainy weather, your dog isn’t confined if he feels like being social or needs to answer nature’s call.

We have a vet on call and a groomer on site. Near Newton le Willows, kennel costs as posted do not cover those two costs. Otherwise, this is an all-inclusive doggy resort that includes secure private accommodations, food, daily medications, kennel cleaning, daily walks and playtime along with lots of attention. When you arrive to pick your dog up after a stay with us, your bill will be exactly for the same amount we quote you with no added fees. If you want to treat your dog to a spa day before you take him home, our groomer fee is only £10. Feel free to call us while you’re away to find out how your dog is settling in. Our staff is able to charm even the most reluctant guest.

A safe place for your dog at low kennel costs near Newton le Willows is our promise to you. The care and attention the dogs receive at our facility is priceless to owners who must be away from their best friend for a time. Most of us feel protective of our family pets and worry when we have to leave them in someone else’s care. We invite you to contact Talbot House Kennels and schedule a tour of our facility. Meet some of our guests and see for yourself how safe they are and the level of attentive care given them.

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