Luxury Kennels near Up Holland

Luxury Kennels near Up HollandWhat pet lover would not want luxury kennels near Up Holland for their dog? Good grief, you already feel guilty as sin leaving your best friend behind while you go on holiday or even worse your honeymoon. So of course, you want to enjoy your holiday while knowing your dog is well cared for and safe. So, what would your dog consider luxury accommodations? Talbot House Kennels. If your dog is alone while you’re at work then just having other people and dogs around and extra walks and playtime is luxury. If it rains, your dog won’t have to stay inside as he does at home. We have waterproofed runs so he can still stretch his legs and get fresh air. The rain only ever bothered you anyway.

The foot of your bed is probably very comfortable but your dog will enjoy a new experience in bedding. Near Up Holland, luxury kennels Talbot House uses vet bedding. Made primarily in Great Britain, vet bedding is a special blend of fibres that is thick, soft and so comfy. It doesn’t slide around like the doggie blankets you have at home. Vet bedding is ideal for dogs because it’s hypoallergenic, anti-microbial, washes and dry’s without losing its loft and it keeps your dog warm and dry in winter and cool in summer by wicking away moisture. Kennels are heated as well so your dog’s comfort and health is protected. We also have a vet on call when needed.

To your dog, luxury kennels near Up Holland only qualify if the food is great and there’s plenty to do; kind of like you value a resort. At Talbot House we offer plenty of healthy food and fresh water. Our facility is situated on 100 acres. Your dog will have a huge exercise area where he will be safe to run and play. If you would like to arrange a spa day for your dog while you’re away we have an excellent groomer on site. All services are available from a bath and brushing to the full treatment including ears and nails. Contact Talbot House and arrange a tour. Don’t worry while you’re away. Your dog is going to be getting luxury treatment and attention.

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