Cat Boarding in Westhoughton

Cat Boarding in WesthoughtonCat boarding in Westhoughton is the answer when you need to keep your beloved pet safe while you are on a business trip. Our cattery has been specially designed by a cattery company with double chalets to accommodate pairs of cats. This helps your cats to feel safe and secure if they have their friend with them. We find they settle in better and are happier. The chalets are fully heated and come complete with a full height sneeze barrier. This is to protect the cats from catching any illness. Each chalet is fitted with vet bedding which is clean, warm and offers protection against bacteria.

If you have pets you know how difficult it can be to find a good cattery and kennel. In Westhoughton, cat boarding is one of our specialities. The chalets we provide for the cats have an adjoining run and play area where they can get exercise if they wish although most of our visitors prefer to laze the day away catnapping in the warmth. We supply high quality cat food in both wet and dry forms and if your cat is on medication we are well equipped to administer the treatment. Our staff love animals and spend a large part of the day providing affection and cuddles to the animals. We only ask that all pets must have a valid vaccination certificate and have been de-wormed and de-flead before they come to us.

We offer some of the most luxurious cat boarding in Westhoughton. Contact Talbot House Kennels today if you need to find out more about our cat boarding facilities. We welcome visitors at any time we are open to inspect our premises. Not only do we offer facilities for cat boarding, but we also have kennels for your dog so that both your pets can stay with us while you are away. Our grooming service is available for both cats and dogs and can be a simple bath or some specialist attention for a long haired cat and our groomers have years of experience in taking good care of your pet.

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