Cat Grooming Service in Charnock Richard

Cat Grooming Service in Charnock RichardAs with any good hotel, Talbot House Kennels and Cattery offer spa services for our guests including cat grooming service in Charnock Richard. If your cat is spending time with us while you are away on business or holiday, choose pet groomer services and come home to a well-groomed cat. You don’t have to wait until your cat is boarding with us to take advantage of our grooming services. Make an appointment to bring your cat in for grooming anytime. Not all groomers will accept cats. It is a speciality requiring skills and an affinity for managing the temperament of cats. Cats are not fond of water and balk at even gentle restraint. Our cat groomer at Talbot House has the magic touch.

Some may wonder why cats are groomed when they’re known for grooming themselves. For feline owners in Charnock Richard, cat grooming service is an assist to keep the coat and skin healthy. While bathing your cat our groomer checks the skin for rashes or abrasions and ears for signs of infection. Long-haired cats get mats if not combed and brushed daily. Mats get larger and tighter if neglected and pull at the skin causing pain. Cats are fastidious but when they live in your house, their standards may fall short of yours. Grooming rids the coat of dirt and loose hair. Long hair cats shed profusely so owners schedule haircuts or shaving down to the skin two or three times a year. Lion cuts are popular and cute.

Our cat grooming service in Charnock Richard is open during normal business hours. Prices are competitive and based on the number of services and size of the cat. Call us to schedule cat grooming and we will give you a run-down of services and fees over the phone. If you are leaving your cat in our care and want to schedule a spa day for them stop by our on- site shop and make your appointment before you leave. Either way you will return home with a clean well-groomed cat. When their favourite bed and chair is also your favourites, it’s comforting to know the cat is clean.

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