Kennel in Chorley

Kennel in ChorleyIf you are looking for an affordable kennel in Chorley, speak to Talbot House Kennels. We know how important it is to find the right kennel for your dog when you need to leave town on business. Our staff are animal enthusiasts and are dedicated to the care of your dog. We treat them as though they are part of our family, ensuring lots of love and attention. Our rates are affordable, and all we require before you bring your dog for his stay is that his deworming, defleaing and inoculations are up to date. The inoculations must include kennel cough.

When your dog needs a place to stay in Chorley, our kennel is just the place for him to stay. Each of our kennels have individually heated sleeping areas as well as clean, vet bedding. Each kennel has a connecting weatherproofed and covered run. Our comfortable and safe boarding kennels are set in 100 acres of private land. This provides ample space for his daily walks, which we do thrice daily. We also ensure that he that he has enough doggy play time in our designated doggy play area. If you are concerned about meal times as your dog can be a fussy eater, you will be pleased to know that we provide top of the range tinned and dried food. Your dog will have a choice of recognised dog food brands such as Pedigree Chum, Butchers, Winalot, Eukanuba, Bakers and Pedigree Complete!

Leave your dog at a reputable kennel in Chorley when you need to go on a business trip. If you are interested in a quote, or would like more information about our luxury kennels, contact Talbot House Kennels. We accommodate female dogs in season. Our professional groomers are also available to give your dog a grooming session if you would like him to be bathed, brushed and smelling good on your return. If he is on medication or should he need medical attention while you are away, we have access to our local veterinary surgeon who will ensure your dog receives the treatment he needs.

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