Cattery Costs in Hindley

Cattery Costs in HindleyAre you looking into cattery costs in Hindley as you need to be away from home for a few days? If you are not comfortable with leaving your feline furry little companions at home and you know it’s going to be quite a long trip, the best thing to do would be to find a cattery that can take them in. While there are so many types of cattery around, varying in facilities available and costs, as a customer and pet owner, you will want to find one that not only provides adequate care and accommodation at prices that are reasonable, you will need to find pet-carers who will treat your pet with as much love and understanding.

Cats can be difficult animals in that they are independent and can easily feel frustrated or scared without their owners. In Hindley, cattery costs include your peace of mind that your precious fur ball is well looked after in your absence. Our staff members do care about animals and will treat your pets as if their own. Our cat chalets are equipped with heating and insulated sleeping areas to ensure that the animals are not cold during their stay with us. Additionally, we know how easy it is for pets to contract viruses or other types of diseases from other cats, as such, we have sneeze barriers that will protect them from any possible infection.  As for meals, we supply both dry and wet food from different well-known brands such as Whiskas, Felix and Iams. If your pet needs additional care or needs to be administered medicines, we will take care of it. Please note that all cats staying in our chalets have to be vaccinated and be deflead and dewormed.

To check cattery costs in Hindley, do not hesitate to contact Talbot House Kennels. We have a huge number of units and can accommodate various pets at the same time. We also have a staff member on site at all times to ensure that the pets are comfortable and happy. For more details, please call us and we will gladly answer your questions. We are always happy to welcome new guests, give us a call if you are planning a trip away soon!

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