Dog Grooming Service in Standish

Dog Grooming Service in StandishA dog grooming service in Standish is a service offered not only for the dogs that are staying in our kennels but for anyone who wants to pamper their pet. We offer a number of professional grooming services. Small fluffy dogs need a decent hair cut in summer as the weather is so warm it becomes very uncomfortable and hot. Once they have had the hair cut that best suits them it is just a matter of maintenance. A regular bath and a trim will keep them clean and looking great. Big dogs with long hair often manage to get very dirty and get their hair knotted. Untangling the knots can be very painful for the pet but we can gently and painlessly remove the matted fur.

When your dog objects to having a bath in Standish, a dog grooming service can take care of the problem. We can not only bath the dog but can clip the nails and clean the eyes. Many dogs with long hair in the face can suffer from gummy eyes. Once we clip the hair and clean the eyes the problem resolves itself. Some dogs need their ears and bodies plucked. This can be painful unless it is done by a professional. Shampooing and blow drying are normally reserved for little dogs who benefit from the spa treatment. They love looking glamorous and really enjoy feeling clean.

Dog grooming service in Standish is reasonably priced and varies from breed to breed. Contact Talbot House Kennels today and book your pooch in for a pampering. Dogs can be very difficult. They love to swim and play in the rain but when you try to bath them they run away as fast as they can. Who can understand that having a nice warm bath can cause such consternation to someone who will swim in the coldest of weather. Our professional groomers have the expertise and technique to allow your dog to get clean and enjoy the experience.

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