Luxury Kennels in Charnock Richard

Luxury Kennels in Charnock RichardLuxury kennels in Charnock Richard are the best way to ensure that your pup is well looked after while you are away. No matter how long you need to go away for, your dog deserves and needs to be treated well. Why not treat him to a luxurious stay at Talbot House Kennels? We cater to all dog types and sizes. We are an animal-loving team who are more than eager to have another furry friend visit.

If you have one or more dogs in Charnock Richard, luxury kennels will become a necessity if you travel a lot and want to ensure that your dogs still get the same level of care and attention that you give them. Our experienced team have all the knowledge about different types of dogs and how to handle their unique personalities. It is our promise that your precious pups will still receive the care, attention, play, feeding and exercise that they need. We enjoy spending time with animals and acknowledge that all animals need love just as humans do. We know that dogs that are very attached to their owners can get depressed if they spend too much time apart from them. To ensure that this doesn’t happen, we will give your dogs more than enough love and play with them so that they don’t become restless or feel abandoned while they stay with us. They will get adequate exercise as we have a large and fully weatherproofed exercise and play area suited for all types of dogs. We supply well-known brands of dog food, such as Pedigree Complete, Butchers and Pedigree Chum. Our kennels are secure, waterproof and are fitted with heated sleeping areas. All facilities are cleaned and inspected regularly. We provide vet bedding and we can administer treatments and medication if needed.

Contact Talbot House Kennels for luxury kennels in Charnock Richard. We also provide daily walks and can accommodate for female dogs that are in season. Take note that any dog that is to stay at our kennels for any amount of time needs to be de-wormed, vaccinated for kennel cough, have up-to-date vaccinations and de-flead. Speak to one of our friendly staff to arrange a visit. Bring your furry friend with to get him acquainted with our family and the environment he will be staying while you are away.

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