Boarding for Dogs in Orrell

Boarding for Dogs in OrrellBoarding for dogs in Orrell is a most important choice. When you leave your dog for any period of time at a kennel, you tend to worry about the care and attention they will receive. With our kennel your dog will have only the best care and attention. We feed the dogs top quality dog food and they always have fresh water. Each kennel has individual heating so that we can heat the beds of the dogs that really feel the cold even when other dogs are enjoying the bracing air. There is a weatherproof and covered run for them to get exercise in inclement weather. We have built a dedicated area for dogs with high energy to run and play to keep them fit and healthy.

When your pup need a place to stay because you are going away in Orrell, boarding for dogs does not come any better than our beautiful farm with all the space a dog could want. We walk the dogs the dogs on our 100 acre land at least once a day. This allows them to enjoy the different smells and stretch their legs in the wholesome fresh air. We have a vet on call in case of emergencies and our staff will administer any medication your dog may be on or any treatment it might need. We only require your dog have up to date vaccinations and be de-wormed to protect all the dogs in the kennel including your own.

Boarding for dogs in Orrell can be simple and affordable. Contact Talbot House Kennels today and book your fluffy family member in for your next holiday. If you have a bitch that you are planning on breeding with at a later stage, it would be a good idea to keep her safe with us while she is on heat. Unless you have a dedicated, up to date kennel at home, there is no way you can be sure that a dog will not get in to her.

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