Catteries in Wigan

Catteries in WiganCatteries in Wigan are the ideal solution for holidays and trips away from home. At Talbot House we are dedicated cat lovers who provide only the very best for your cat. Cat boarding can often seem like a daunting option, as most cats do not adapt easily to strange environments or other cats, but we have the solution. Situated in the quiet, scenic countryside, our cattery offers a peaceful and safe place for your cat. We have a variety of comfortable cat chalets that accommodate singles, pairs or larger groups of cats. This way, if your cat is wary of strangers, they can complete privacy and reign over their own chalet, while families of cats do not have to be separated. The chalets are set well apart from our dog kennels, so as not to alarm or disturb skittish cats. Every chalet has heating and vet bedding, specifically designed by a professional company to provide the best comfort and security for cats.

Your cat will also enjoy our covered run and play area adjoining the chalets, which keeps boarding cats active and entertained. In Wigan, catteries do no come much better than this. The health of your cat is one of our top priorities, which is why we have full height sneeze barriers installed and have fastidious cleaning and hygiene standards. We use top quality cat food in our cattery, including names such as Whiskas, Felix, Go-Cat and Iams, in both tinned and dry options. We are equipped to cater for special dietary and diabetic needs, and have a qualified vet who can administer any medication or treatment that your cat requires.

We believe catteries in Wigan should provide as much attention and care towards your cat as they are used to receiving at home. We offer a complete grooming service, and spend a lot of time playing and cuddling with our cat boarders to keep them happy and entertained. Contact Talbot House Kennels and Cattery for one of the most caring and luxurious catteries around.

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