Luxury Kennels in Newton le Willows

Luxury Kennels in Newton le WillowsLuxury kennels in Newton le Willows are situated in the countryside. Our kennels are of the highest standard. If you have more than one dog they can share a kennel. It normally makes the dogs happier if they have their friends with them. The kennels are warm with individually heated sleeping areas and clean vet bedding. They have a connecting waterproof run where they can play together. If there is just one dog it will not be lonely as there is a play area for new friends to meet and spend time together. The dogs are taken on a daily walk in the country where they can smell the rabbits and squirrels and have a very interesting time. This is like a five star hotel for dogs. They will socialise with other dogs and get to play with new friends. It is always healthy for dogs to mix as it allows them to mingle with others of their kind.

When you go away to visit relatives from your home in Newton le Willows, luxury kennels are necessary for your family pet. You want to be sure that your dog will be well fed and well cared for by the kennel. Our staff love the pets they look after and make sure that they eat the food they are given. We have a variety of the best available dog food both tinned and dry and if your dog is fussy we will find a food it loves. The dogs, besides having a daily walk, as given cuddles and love so that they stay happy. We are able to administer any medication they may need and we have a vet on call.

Luxury kennels in Newton le Willows will make you feel content that your dog is having a holiday and being pampered while you are gone. Contact Talbot House Kennels today to book your furry family member in for a holiday at our luxury kennels. They will go home in the same healthy condition as when you dropped them off.

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