Cattery Costs in Orrell

Cattery Costs in OrrellAre you looking at cattery costs in Orrell while planning for your next trip away from home? Leaving your pets behind while away on holiday or business can be stressful, not only because of the costs of a pet-sitter but also because you won’t be there if they get sick, injured or lonely. Taking your cats to a caring cattery can help alleviate the stress. You’ll be able to travel comfortably in the knowledge that someone is there for them all hours of the day and night to provide food, medication and attention when they need it. Cats are notoriously snooty creatures but underneath the haughty exterior they are just as attached to their owners as the next pet. This, coupled with their agility and otherwise independent nature, makes them likely to run away when you’re not at home.

Book your kitty into a cattery if you’re worried about them in your absence. In Orrell, cattery costs vary according to the place you choose. Evaluating a few options will allow you to find a cattery that strikes the perfect balance between price and quality. Talbot House Kennels offers cat boarding that does just that. Their cattery chalets have been designed by a professional cattery specialist to ensure the ultimate comfort and security. Each chalet is fully heated and fitted with vet bedding, with sneeze barriers to protect against bacteria. Some chalets are large enough for pairs or families of cats so that they are not separated during their visit. Adjoining the chalets are covered run and play areas for energetic cats to enjoy. They will be fed both wet and dry top quality cat food, such as Whiskas, Felix, Go-Cat and Iams. Additional dietary or medical requirements are also catered for.

Talbot House offers competitive cattery costs in Orrell. Their fantastic cattery and separate kennels are located in the quiet, safe countryside of Worthington. Contact Talbot House Kennels for cattery costs and more information. Their cattery is the ideal home away from home for any cat.

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