Cat Grooming in Hindley

cat grooming in HindleyWhy look for cat grooming in Hindley if cats can groom themselves? The answer is that cats cannot groom themselves. If you doubt that, look at the bed your cat spends a lot of time in. It is likely you will find dead skin cells, hair and dirt matted together on the bed. That all came off of your cat. The longer the hair the more debris is left behind. Mixed in with it but perhaps unseen is litter box debris and clingers. The cat’s bedding is dirty and has to be laundered frequently because the cat is dirty. Even if you never go outside you still need to shampoo and comb your hair if you want it to be clean. Spitting on it several times a day will not make it look or smell nice. The same is true for your cat.

Who doesn’t love a soft, fluffy and sweet smelling cat? For pet owners in Hindley, cat grooming also makes the cat feel good especially if long hair is causing painful matts. Cat grooming is usually more difficult than it looks. If you doubt that put Precious in a warm scented bath and watch her turn into Catzilla. Just because a groomer grooms dogs does not mean they are competent to groom cats. Cat grooming requires a separate set of skills. We know all about that at Talbot House Kennels. Our groomers are professionals who know how to gently manage the bathing, brushing and clipping that most cats passionately oppose.

Talbot House Kennels offers cat grooming in Hindley that will make your cat snuggle worthy. Our services are available to boarding guests and non-guest alike. Contact Talbot House and schedule an appointment for a shampoo and blow dry for your best cat friend. We will gently clip hair and nails and make sure the ears are clean and clear. Our groomers are highly trained as cat groomers must be so you can feel confident your pets are in safe hands. If you know Talbot House Kennels then you know we are a family of animal lovers and we care for your animals as if they are our own.

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