Dog Grooming Service in Westhoughton

Dog Grooming Service in WesthoughtonHave you considered the benefits of a dog grooming service in Westhoughton for your rather scruffy looking dog? Dogs groom themselves, but sometimes they need a little help. When grooming your dog yourself becomes a chore and a little extra attention is needed, a dog grooming service can have him looking tidy and neat in no time. Long haired dogs need their coats washed and shampooed. They will also need the tangles in their coat removed. Perhaps it is time for him to have his fur and nails clipped too?

A clean dog is a happy dog. In Westhoughton, a dog grooming service complete the aspects of his grooming that you are unable to get to. Talbot House Kennels has an excellent pet grooming service available at affordable rates. From nail clipping, bathing, shampooing and blow drying, to untangling matted hair, their pet groomers are experienced and dedicated in providing a top quality grooming service. Their professional pet grooming service is available for the pets that are boarding at their kennels and it is also available for dog owners who would like their dogs regularly groomed.

The fees for a dog grooming service in Westhoughton are dependent on the size and breed of your dog. Decide on what grooming services you would like for your dog and book an appointment for a pampering session he won’t forget. If all he needs is a simple bath and shampoo, or a more specialised service to get rid of tangled hair and knots, you can rest assured that their professional dog groomers will take great care of your dog. Contact Talbot House Kennels to find out more about their professional dog grooming service. If you need to go out of town for a few days, their boarding kennels are a safe and secure place to leave your dog. While you are away, he can have his pampering grooming session with the professional dog groomers.

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