Luxury Kennels in Buckshaw Village

Luxury Kennels in Buckshaw VillageLuxury kennels in Buckshaw Village are important to you as a dog owner. Your little scamp is part of your family. Just as you would not let your precious children stay in a less than perfect hotel, you want the best kennels for your dog, where he will get the best treatment. Speak to Talbot House Kennels and find out more about the services they offer. You will get a spacious kennel and a run for your pup. He will be taken for at least three walks a day and have a number of other dogs to play with. This will be like a holiday for your dog and he will really enjoy himself. Your dog will be pampered and very well cared for by people with years of experience in caring for dogs.

When you are away for the weekend in Buckshaw Village, luxury kennels are what you most want for your pet. There are a number of choice foods for the dogs and their preferences are taken into account. There are wonderful walks in the countryside and we allow the dogs to stop and smell everything. With the other dogs with him on the walk he will feel like he is in a pack. He can socialise with the others and make friends. This is not always available at home as he may be an only dog. If you feel he is looking a bit grubby, you can book him into the grooming parlour for a bit of pampering. You may also decide he needs a cut or clip to have him looking smart when you come and fetch him.

Luxury kennels in Buckshaw Village are a holiday camp for dogs. Contact Talbot House Kennels today to book your pooch in for a well-deserved break at luxury kennels while you have yours. He will be a happy, well fed dog when you collect him on your return.

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