Dog Grooming Service in Parbold

dog grooming service in ParboldA dog grooming service in Parbold will keep your favourite pooch healthy and happy.Grooming helps to get rid of dead skin cells and hair. It also cleans the fur. If there is an underlying skin condition, it may be noticed by the dog groomer. After the entire grooming service is over, your dog will look like something out of a pet magazine. If you want your dog to look as good as new, opt for dog grooming.

If you reside in Parbold, a dog grooming service is available at Talbot House Kennels. We provide some of the best dog care in the business. Our grooming services are applicable to cats too. While boarding in our kennels, we can give your dog a thorough grooming service. This is a great way to pamper your beloved pet. Whether you want your dog to have a shampoo and bath, want to get rid of the wet doggy smell, or comb through matted hair, our grooming services will give your dog a fresh, new look. Whatever level of dog grooming service you require, we will take the best care of your pet. Our costs are affordable and vary according to your dog breed. Some of the grooming services we offer include shampooing, bathing, blow drying, hair trimming and clipping, nail clipping, ear plucking and eye cleaning.

If your dog is starting to look scruffy, he can benefit from a dog grooming service in Parbold. Contact Talbot House Kennels today and ask about our grooming services for cats and dogs. We also offer a kennel and cattery service. If you are planning to go away on vacation, you can entrust us with the care of your pet. We provide a comfortable and home-like setting for all pets. Our rates are affordable at just £10 per night. During your pet’s stay, they will be cared for just like you would.

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