Kennel Costs in Orrell

Kennel Costs in OrrellKennel costs in Orrell are only one of the things one looks at when having to board your family pet. Your dog is like one of the family and is very precious to you and all the other family members. The most important thing to you is the welfare and care your dog will receive while you are gone. You could visit Talbot House Kennels and view their dog boarding facilities. You will find that their boarding includes kennels that have individually fully heated sleeping areas with very clean vet bedding. It also has an individual waterproof covered run attached to it. There is also a wonderful doggy play area where your pooch can make friends with some of the other dogs and play to his heart’s content. This is very important to dogs as they are very social animals and really enjoy the interaction with their friends. Being pack animals, they like to make new friends in neutral territory.

When looking for somewhere to board your dog in Orrell, kennel costs are one of the considerations. Dogs with a large amount of energy can run and jump and play. They also have daily walks in the 100 acres of land around the kennels. This allows them the opportunity to smell other animals and get out in the fresh air. If they get dirty and muddy there is a dog grooming service on site which can clean them up after a wonderful walk.

Kennel costs in Orrell are reasonable and can be for a day or a month. Your dog will have his own holiday! To find out more about kennel costs, contact Talbot House. You will also be pleased to know that a vet is on call for any mishap. Medicines can be given by their staff if your dog is on medication. There is a large range of very popular dry and tinned dog food. Only the best will do for your pet. Make sure your dog gets the same treatment at the kennels as you would give him at home. Enjoy your holiday knowing your dog is safe and happy.

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