Cat Groomers in Aspull

Cat groomers in Aspull Cat groomers in Aspull can help you keep you precious puss in perfect condition. As you are already aware that your cat spends half of his day cleaning and bathing himself. This is normal but it can have quite severe effects on his stomach. Unless he is brushed frequently he will be eating his own hair. Short or long hair, the fur can cause hairballs which can clog the digestive system and cause digestive disorders. Most cats love a brushing and it certainly helps stimulate the skin and give the fur a shine. The best thing it does is remove loose hair. This lowers the amount of hair going down the cat’s throat. As the tongue has backward facing barbs it is difficult for the cat to spit out the hair so it ends up swallowing it.

With a fluffy cat in Aspull, cat groomers can be very useful. Cats with long hair need more grooming than cats with short hair. With short haired cats you need to start with a fine tooth comb. Check the comb for any signs of fleas or flea dirt. Next, you need to use a soft brush to remove loose hair. Long haired cats need the tangles and knots to be carefully untangled before combing and brushing otherwise it will pull and hurt the cat. The brushing is not really a problem but when it comes to giving your cat a bath you may need to get out the welding gloves and goggles. Try taking the cat once in a while to a professional cat groomer.

Cat groomers in Aspull will give your cat a good bath either with a dry shampoo or with water and a wet shampoo. Contact Talbot House to find out more about their cat groomers. They are highly trained to clip the claws and clean the ears and eyes of your cat. They will bathe, brush and dry your cat so that he is squeaky clean and shiny. This can also help if there is a flea epidemic as the bath will kill the fleas. A flea collar will keep them off. Once your cat has had his professional grooming session it is easy to give him his usual brushes and keep him in good condition.

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