Cat Grooming in Charnock Richard

cat grooming in Charnock RichardPerhaps it’s time you send your furry friend for cat grooming in Charnock Richard if it’s been a while since your precious feline has looked his best. At Talbot House Kennels, we offer the most professional and animal-friendly services in the area, surrounded by the serene atmosphere of the Lancashire countryside and a dedicated staff of cat lovers.

In Charnock Richard, cat grooming is an ideal service for cats with long, tangled hair. Cats are sensitive animals that require the most delicate care, especially when it comes to grooming. Cats spend roughly 20 % of their time grooming each and every day and for many reasons other than vanity. For instance, when a cat licks itself, the evaporated saliva acts as a cooling agent which manages one-third of its total body temperature. Licking also helps to spread the natural oils on a cat’s coat, helping to retain heat and adding that nice glossy finish on their fur. When fur becomes matted and tangled, this can make your feline irritable and stressed, which can lead to future problems such as a reduced immune system and negative changes in behaviour. Talbot House Kennels understands the importance of proper grooming for feline health and beauty.

If you feel that your pet needs cat grooming in Charnock Richard, don’t hesitate to pamper him as soon as you get the chance. Going on vacation and out of time? Don’t worry, because at Talbot House Kennels we also host a state-of-the-art cattery with an array of chalets – fully heated and fitted with sneeze barriers, anti-bacterial vet bedding, and an adjoining play area – all for your cat’s comfort and health. We also offer a collection and drop off service if you are unable to bring your cat in yourself. If you are interested in affordable and convenient cat grooming services, contact Talbot House Kennels.

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