Dog Kennels in Adlington

dog kennels in AdlingtonFor many clients looking for dog kennels in Adlington, Talbot House Kennels is a trusted friend. They know our animal-loving staff will care for their dog when they themselves cannot. Vacation is the time most people think of dog boarding. We treat dogs like royalty so their masters will not feel guilty for leaving them behind. We care for dogs when people are vacationing. However, many life circumstances arise when clients need a temporary care-giver for their dog. Hospital stays and home recovery is a time when pet owners cannot care for their dog themselves. If they live alone, we will care for their pup until they are up and about again. Dogs get stressed when change is taking place, like moving or a family death. We will take care of the dog while you take care of everything else.

In Adlington, dog kennels must live up to their standard of care. Talbot House Kennels is set amongst 100 acres of idyllic private property. We have a safe and supervised dog play area for those who like to socialise. Between the dog play park and regular daily walks, your dog will get plenty of exercise and fresh air. You dog will be fed whatever food you and he prefers as well as the amount of food he is used to receiving. If your dog takes medication, we can administer that for him. We also have a local vet on call should the need for medical treatment arise.

Talbot House Kennels offers the most comfortable dog kennels in Adlington. Each dog has his or her own heated sleeping area and covered dog run. We keep everything exceptionally clean. We pamper the pups with love and attention because we truly are a family of animal lovers. We have many years’ experience and we are dedicated to maintaining our excellent reputation. We have expert groomers on site for haircuts, shampoos and nail clipping. Your dog will go home looking good and feeling good. You can trust Talbot House Kennels to care for your best friend whenever you are unable to. You can go and do what it is you need to do knowing your dog is in experienced and loving hands. Contact Talbot House Kennels if you are looking for dog kennels.

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