Boarding for Cats in Eccleston

Boarding for Cats in Eccleston Boarding for cats in Eccleston is an ideal place to leave your cats while on holiday.  There is nothing more satisfying for a cat owner than to hear the purring comfort of a happy and healthy cat. Talbot House Kennels is nestled in pristine countryside and provides quality care by a group of animal enthusiasts who ensure that your cat receives copious amounts of cuddles and love.

In Eccleston, cat boarding offered by Talbot House is a home away from home. The catteries have been specially designed by professionals to suit both individual cats and cats that travel in groups. The unique chalets are fully heated for warmth and comfort, and sneeze barriers have been installed to ensure your cat is kept healthy and protected for the duration of his stay. All the cats that stay at our cattery must have valid and up to date vaccination certificates and are required to have been de-flead and dewormed before staying over. As we all know how much cats like to doze luxuriously for hours on end, each chalet has a set of specialised vet bedding that keeps your cat warm and protected against harmful bacteria. Meal times are a favourite with cat visitors as both dry pellets and yummy tin food are provided; only the best and most well-known brands are used. Don’t worry if your feline has any special dietary or medicinal, our trained professionals will happily take special care of your loved one with the greatest attention.

Choose the unique boarding for cats in Eccleston. Not only can we guarantee you top notch service and peace of mind, but a happy and well taken care of feline. Your charge is safe with us. For more information about boarding for cats, contact Talbot House Kennels.

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