Dog Grooming Service in Burscough

Dog Grooming Service in BurscoughLook for a dog grooming service in Burscough if your dog needs his fur shampooed, his nails clipped and his ears cleaned. You might brush your dog regularly, but it is convenient to use a dog grooming service to take care of the other grooming details. Talbot House Kennels offers a professional dog grooming and pampering service that is both affordable and comprehensive. If your dog needs just a shampoo, or a more thorough grooming session, they are happy to accommodate your dog’s grooming needs.

In Burscough, a dog grooming service offered by Talbot House Kennels is available for dogs that are staying at the boarding kennels as well as for pet owners who would like a pampering session for their dog. The professional dog groomers will see to nail clipping, knotted hair, and hair trimming and clipping. Regular dog grooming is part of responsible dog care. While dogs do groom themselves, it is necessary at times to give them a hand. If you have a long haired dog who enjoys – as most dogs do – running through the mud and rolling in the grass, he is likely to end up with knotty, smelly hair. Untangling his hair and removing the muddy smell can be quite an involved chore. Using professional dog grooming services will ensure he is clean and tangle free.

A dog grooming service in Burscough at Talbot House kennels is suitable for all dog breeds and sizes. Give them a ring to find out the prices for their dog grooming service as these are dependent on the breed of the dog. The dog groomers are aware that each breed has different grooming needs. A bulldog will need special attention for the folds of his face, while a Bassett hound needs his droopy ears seen to. Regular grooming is essential for a dog’s wellbeing and health. If you would like to find out more about a professional dog grooming service, contact Talbot House Kennels.

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