Luxury Kennels in Lowton

Luxury Kennels in Lowton When you go on holiday Talbot House Kennels, the luxury Kennels in Lowton, is exactly the right place to send your fur-babies. You need to know that your pooches are going to be well cared for when you are away. Without that assurance you will spend much of your holiday worrying about your pets and hoping that they are managing without you.  With Talbot House Kennels you will have none of those worries. For your dogs it will be more than feeling at home; it will feel like a holiday for them too. The staff at Talbot House Kennels will love your animals like their own. All of their needs will be well taken care of and, more than that, they will be loved.

In Lowton, luxury kennels at Talbot House has excellent facilities and everything needed to take good care of your pet. The kennels are heated to ensure your animal will be warm, and if you have more than one pet staying at Talbot House Kennels, they can be accommodated together.  All bedding used is veterinary bedding to ensure that it is hygienic.  There is also a play area where your dog can play and socialise. Your loyal friend will also be taken on daily walks. The animals at Talbot House Kennels are well fed on well-known brands of pet food. There are even qualified groomers at Talbot House Kennels. All residents at Talbot House Kennels must be dewormed and rid of all fleas before coming to stay. Their vaccinations must be up to date, and they must be inoculated against kennel cough. In this way everyone knows that his or her animals are coming into a safe and healthy environment, and you can be assured yours will be healthy and happy when you return.

The luxury kennels in Lowton, Talbot House Kennels, also has a cattery so you can leave all of your furry friends in the same place when you go away. They are in safe hands and, whilst you are sure to miss them whilst you are away, you will not be worrying about their well-being. If you are looking for luxury kennels, contact Talbot House Kennels.

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