Cattery Costs in Ormskirk

Cattery costs in OrmskirkCattery costs in Ormskirk are not necessarily high. For the safety and love of your cat no amount is too much, but our cattery is very affordable and supplies a perfect home from home for your cat with wonderful luxury chalets. Designed by a specialist cattery company the snug and cosy chalets have heating for the winter as well as covered runs and a play area. There are also double chalets that 2 cats from a family can share and be company for each other. Situated in the country side in very peaceful and quiet surroundings your cat will be relaxed and comfortable. The runs are lined with sneeze proof fencing to stop any infections being transmitted by neighbouring cats. The beds are warm and lined with vet bedding that protects against bacteria.

In Ormskirk, cattery costs are not the defining reason for choosing a cattery. You want to be sure that your cat is well looked after and shown affection while you are not around to love and pet your cat. The cats are fed the best of tinned and dried food. If your cat has any medical issues the staff are proficient at administering medication and taking special care of any cats needing extra attention.

Cattery costs in Ormskirk are reasonably priced considering the conditions in the cattery which are the best available in the area. Care has been taken to make the cats are comfortable and happy. The staff will groom them daily if requested and make sure that their stay is as happy as they can be away from their family and home. This allows you to have a wonderful holiday without feeling guilty about leaving your pets behind as you can be assured that your pet will be in the best possible hands and will have the care and security to keep it safe and comfortable. If you would like to find out more about cattery costs, contact Talbot House Kennels.

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