Cat Groomers in Eccleston

Cat groomers in EcclestonCat groomers in Eccleston offer an excellent service to keep your cat looking her best. Cats are usually rather particular creatures and are quite capable of keeping themselves groomed and clean. There are times, however, when a cat needs a little grooming assistance from her owner. If a cat has long hair and is prone to hair balls or a knotty coat, a grooming session will be an excellent solution for her coat. By having your cat groomed regularly, her hair will remain in good condition by removing dirt, spreading natural oils throughout her coat, preventing tangles and keeping her skin clean and irritant-free.

In Eccleston, cat groomers need to use a calm and gentle manner when working with cats. Not all cats enjoy being groomed and a gentle firm voice and manner will ensure that your cat is correctly groomed. Talbot House Kennels offers a professional grooming service for both cats and dogs. The service is available for both the animals that are staying at the kennels, and for those who wish to use the grooming service. The grooming service includes baths, shampooing, blow dry, hair clipping and trimming, nail clipping, eye cleaning and ear plucking, ensuring a smart looking and well-pampered cat.

If your cat has tangled and matted hair, make an appointment to visit the cat groomers in Eccleston. Regularly grooming has a number of benefits for your cat. Apart from looking like the queen of the urban jungle, she is also less likely to suffer from fur balls or skin irritations. Having your cat brushed not only removes grease, dirt, and dead hair from her coat, but it helps to stimulate blood circulation and remove skin flakes and this will improve the overall condition of her skin. Cats shed their hair all year round. This is a natural process of losing dead hair. When your cat is shedding, you will find lots of cat hair on the places she has been sleeping. While it is necessary, it can be inconvenient to you, particularly when she has been sleeping on your favourite black cardigan! When your cat receives regular grooming, the inconvenience of shedding will be lessened. A groomed cat is a happy cat, so contact Talbot House Kennels for more information about their professional cat groomers.

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