Kennel Costs in Charnock Richard

Kennel Costs in Charnock RichardAre you worried about kennel costs in Charnock Richard as you are going on holiday and need a safe place for your dog to stay? Talbot House Kennels offer secure and comfortable kennels that are affordable. They charge per dog and per night. However, their prices are incredibly competitive and you will be pleased to know that your dog will be well looked after at a cost effective great rate. They offer an excellent deal. Good prices for top class quality services. They also don’t charge extra for dietary preferences and medication or treatment requirements, instead incorporating these into their services.

In Charnock Richard, kennel costs are no longer a concern if you contact Talbot House Kennels. They offer true value for money with their heated kennels, weatherproofed runs, large exercise and play areas, full grooming offers and vets on call. They also accommodate for female dogs who are on heat, providing the same but separate environment and ensuring that they get enough attention and exercise without having to interact with the other dogs. No extra expenses are charged on accommodation for female dogs on heat.

For good kennel costs in Charnock Richard, give Talbot House Kennels a call. Their stunning countryside location is perfect for your beloved pets. Offering regular feeding, attention and exercise, they will ensure that your pets stay in a healthy condition while they stay at the kennels. Their team understands how important your pets are to you and will look after them with love and care. You can rest assured that the competitive rate charged is providing your pet with a safe, professional and loving environment for them to stay at while you are away. They welcome you to have a look around Talbot House with your pet to see and experience the caring service and specially designed facilities that your pet will receive and have access to at affordable costs. If you would like to find out more about kennel costs, contact Talbot House Kennels.

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