Dog Kennels in Ormskirk

dog kennels in OrmskirkFinding great dog kennels in Ormskirk can do wonders for your dog while you’re away. Talbot House Kennels can be a home away from home for your canine friend. All kennels are equipped with individually heated sleeping areas, and clean vet bedding. There is also a 100 acre waterproofed run. Dogs are taken on daily walks and are allowed to socialise in the dedicated doggy play area, which is designed to cater to dogs with tons of energy. Grooming is also very important for extended stays, which is why the company provides an on-site grooming service.

In Ormskirk, dog kennels at Talbot are designed to keep your dog healthy and happy. Dogs are fed nutritious food from leading brands such as Pedigree Complete, Pedigree Cum, Bakers, Butchers, Eukanuba and Winalot. In case a health emergency occurs, the company has immediate access to the local veterinary surgeon who can swiftly apply treatment and administer medication. To be eligible for the Talbot House Kennels, your dog must have an up to date vaccination certificate, it must be deflead and wormed, and it must be vaccinated for kennel cough.

The prices for the Talbot dog kennels in Ormskirk are very competitive. Per night, the prices are £10 for one dog, £9 for two dogs each if they share a kennel, and £10 for the wash before the dogs go home. There are no other surcharges, except for grooming and clipping, subject to the size and breed of the dog. The grooming service includes ear plucking, eye cleaning, nail clipping, baths, shampooing, and blow drying. Your dog will certainly feel at home at the Talbot House Kennels. The company also offers caravan storage for as little £5 a week, where your caravan will be safe and secured. You can leave your caravan stored at the Talbot House Kennels during the off-season, and when it’s time to go on vacation, you can pick up your caravan and drop of your dog. To find out more about dog kennels, contact Talbot House Kennels.

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