Cat Grooming in Appley Bridge

Cat Grooming in Appley BridgeCat grooming in Appley Bridge is offered by Talbot House Kennels.  Perhaps when you imagine bathing, brushing or clipping your cat, you do not believe it can be done. You may have images of your cat, wet and foamy, perched atop the bathroom door, water splashed all over the room.  You can see yourself sopping, bedraggled and scratched, begging the cat to come down so you can complete the task. And your cat, being a cat, simply refuses to come down and is intending to make you pay for this indignity for some time to come. This is certainly not how it happens at Talbot House Kennels. Their specialist groomers will take excellent care of your cat and will bath, blow dry, trim or clip as is required. Your cat will be treated like royalty and, as cats already believe people live to serve them, will be perfectly content.

In Appley Bridge cat grooming is available to your cat when they are boarding at the Kennels, but they do not have to be resident. You can bring your pet in for a pampering at any time. If it is boarding that you are looking for, Talbot House Kennels is an excellent choice. Their cattery is a specially designed facility that can accommodate single as well as families of cats. The chalets are well insulated and heated and your cat will be kept safe and warm. They have specially designed sneeze barriers to prevent the spread of any diseases, and their bedding is vet bedding to ensure it is bacteria free. Talbot House Kennels loves pets and they will treat yours as their own. They will love, cuddle and pamper your pet and you can have peace of mind when you leave them at Talbot House Kennels.

When you are looking for cat grooming in Appley Bridge, remember Talbot House Kennels. It is not just cats that they look after. They also offer grooming and kennelling for dogs. The next time you are going away and need a home from home for your pets, or if you need more information about cat grooming, contact Talbot House Kennels.

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