Boarding for Cats in Appley Bridge

Boarding for cats in Appley BridgeBoarding for cats in Appley Bridge is an important decision to make for the family members that cannot come with you on holiday or need to be kept safe while you are moving house. We understand how precious your cats  are to you. Being animal lovers we feel the same way. Who wants to go on holiday and try and relax and have a fun time when you are worried about how your pets are being looked after and whether they are getting the love and care that you lavish on them? We have had a specialist cat company design our boarding kennels and they have taken everything into consideration. We have double sized chalets for two or more cats so that friends can stay together and thus lower the stress of being away from their family. This is fully heated so that they can stay snug and warm. The sleeping area adjoins a covered run and play area for exercise.

In Appley Bridge, boarding for cats protects your cats from disease with a full height sneeze barrier to prevent any airborne illnesses being passed around and vet bedding which is warm and snug and effectively protects against bacterial infections. We give your animals lots of attention as well as cuddles and offer them a wide variety of dry and tinned foods so like a hotel the food is varied and delicious and your pet may return to you a little plumper than when you left. Should your cat be on medication for a chronic illness our very experienced staff will happily carry on with the regime.

Boarding for cats in Appley Bridge also includes grooming and if your kitty needs any further attention like brushing or washing or claws clipped or any one of the numerous routine details undertaken by you, we will do our very best to keep the routine going. The more consistent the daily routine is the more the cat will feel at home. Enjoy your holiday and let your cats enjoy theirs. For more information about boarding for cats, contact Talbot House Kennels.

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