Cat Grooming Service in Haydock

Cat Grooming Service in HaydockMany cat owners never even consider using a cat grooming service in Haydock. Cats live in our homes, just the same as dogs, so they need grooming on a regular basis. They get dirty, matted hair that needs to be cared for. Matted hair can make it difficult for cats to walk, because the hair is pulled, causing them pain. Regular grooming can keep them smelling good and keep their fur soft and smooth. Some cats do not like being bathed, but if you find a grooming salon that has experience with cats, they can make it as easy as possible. Your cat will appreciate how they feel after their grooming.

In Haydock, cat grooming service is offered at Talbot House Kennels. They are a family of animal enthusiasts and will treat your pet as though it was their own. They will use a gentle touch to sort out matted fur and bath your cat. They use a blow dryer to make sure your cat is completely dry before going home. If your cat is staying for boarding, they will offer grooming before you pick them up. They understand that your pet is a member of your family, so they offer cuddles and care so they remain calm while being cared for. Their groomers are professionally trained animal lovers, and will make sure your pet is treated with love and care. Their grooming services include bathing, shampooing, blow drying, hair clipping and trimming, nail trimming, eye cleaning and ear plucking.

A cat grooming service in Haydock is available at Talbot House Kennels, and will give your cat a new lease on life. You know how good it feels to get primped. Your cat will probably not thank you, but you know that they will be a lot healthier and happier when they are well groomed. If you would like to know more about a cat grooming service, contact Talbot House Kennels.

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